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Admissions Strategy and Admissions Consultants

Admissions Strategy and Admissions Consultants

They don’t understand the difference between the dynamic, individual qualities of educational advising and the static, mass nature of information.

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Can you implement a carefully thought-out strategy? Can you maintain your critical eye after reworking an essay ten times? Can you bring the superior editing skills of professional writers to your application? If you can’t, you need an Accepted editor to critique and review your essay(s).

I am proud of the rich information provides, probably more than any boutique consultancy. But I am also keenly aware of its limitations. Information is static, inert. It cannot respond to individual needs. It can’t react to a fluid situation. It doesn’t analyze or change. It can target segments, but rarely individuals.

That’s how we help you develop your admissions strategy. Then there’s implementation, and the personal statement, application essay, or statement of purpose.

We can write a gazillion articles and ebooks. We can develop web tools, databases, and chats to serve you. But none of them will replace an in-depth, one-on-one consultation or the nitty-gritty work of critiquing and editing your applications and essays.

Professional writers have editors with reason: writing is rewriting. Writers can fall in love with their own words and lose objectivity. Writers need editors.

In my Internet meanderings, I occasionally come across posts from applicants who dismiss and deride admissions consultants. These sages, who usually have never talked to a consultant, claim that applicants can get all they need to know from the web and books and talking to a few friends.

Accepted editors and advisers can help you develop and implement your admissions strategy, whether you are shooting for a BA, MBA, JD, MD, or PhD or a host of other degrees. And unlike friends, we stay abreast of admissions news and developments because admissions is our business.

If the professionals need editors, so do you.

Using our site expertise and experience to guide you as an individual interacting with a dynamic admissions world is the magic of admissions consulting.

(This post is a shameless plug. If that offends you, please click away.)

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