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Canada Goose online 8x5R

Canada Goose online 8x5R

They’re still called snowbirds by many people in the South who see these birds only in winter. Officially, the name became junco (Junco hyemalis) around 1830. Although possibly thought to mean seed by a 19th century ornitho logist, the Latin genus name “Junco” means rush or reed plants not normally associated with juncos. The very appropriate Latin species name “hyemalis” meaning wintry comes from the Greek “cheimon” meaning winter which is related to the Sanskrit “hima” meaning snow. Seeds. Winter. Snow. Now we’re talking juncos. Tennessee’s wintering dark eyed juncos seem more numerous at feeders just before and during the harshest winter days. You may know these birds as slate colored juncos.Canada Goose online That was their former name until slate colored, white winged, Oregon, gray headed and Guadalupe juncos (previously thought to be five distinct species) were all lumped together to become five groups

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