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H-P Dyes

H-P Dyes

General PropertiesFastness PropertiesNotes
g/l @ 30°C
Dyeing PropertiesLightWashingBleachingSoda BoilAlkaline Perspiration
Day LightI.S.O.4HypochloriteHydrogen Peroxide
Straight30 pts/1000 common saltSubstanitivityReactivityFixation Temp °C1/251/1EffectStainEffectStainEffectStainEffectStain
Yellow P6G 5025LM8044-5553444-54-555Bright Lemon Yellow dye for Greens.
Yellow H4G 130100LM805-664-5514 R54-54-554-5Economical basis for Greens & Yellows.
Golden Yellow HR 11050MM805-665534-554 G555Important trichromatic component.
Brill Orange H2R 150100MM80344-554 W44-554-54-54Orange basis for all shades.
Orange P2R 150100MM80344-55444-554-54-54Orange basis for all shades.
Red PB 15080MM8033-444-53444444-5Important trichromatic component.
Red P2B 10080MM8044-54444444-54-54Useful as high saturation value dye.
Red H8B 8010HL8044-544-54-544-5344 B4Important trichromatic component.
Magenta HB 8040ML8044-5451354-54-54-53Highly Productive component.
Purple H3R 15080ML8046-75542-354-552-34Bright Purple shade. require prolong fixation time.
Blue HGR 9060LM805-66552 D555555Typical school Blue shade.
Blue 5RH 12030ML805644-5115444-54Important trichromatic component.
Navy Blue P2R 8060MM80454-54-534444-554-5Important componant for Navy Blue shades.
Supra Blue H3RP 8040LH80565523-445555Royal Blue & Sky Blue shades.
Brill. Turq. Blue H5G 12080HH904-55-643-43-4 G234R24-53Can be used for exhaust dyeing also.
Red Brown H4R 9030LM8044-54-54-54-554-53-434-53-4Highly Productive. Need strong fixation conditions.
Black HN 4040LM804-564-5543G54-54-54-53For gray & other light shades.
Black PGR 6040MM80-5-64-54-533444-554-5Useful for Black shade with all round fastness properties.

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