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M Dyes

General PropertiesFastness PropertiesNotes
g/l @ 30°C
Dyeing PropertyLightWashingBleachingSoda BoilAlkaline Perspiration
Day LightI.S.O.4HypochloriteHydrogen Peroxide
Straight30 pts/1000 common saltSubstanitivityReactivityFixation Temp °C1/251/1EffectStainEffectStainEffectStainEffectStain
Yellow M8G 7050LM40564-5514-544-554-55Highly Productive useful dye for producing Greens.
Yellow M4G 4020MM40564-5513-4 RD54-554-54-5Good all round fastness. Need extended time in alkali for optimum yield.
Yellow MGR 30less than 5HM4055-6554-54-5554-554-5Highly productive. Good resis-tance to chlorine. Use urea in dye bath.
Yellow M3R 160120HH4056552-33-455444Useful Dye as good base for all shades.
Yellow M4R 8040MM40454-5513-45544R4Highly Productive and Econo-mical.
Golden Yellow MR 160130HH40564-552-34-5 R54-5 R4-54-54Economical base for all shades & depth.
Brill. Orange M2R 180160MM30344-554 R4-5 Br54-54 Y4-54Good resistance to washing in presence of hypochlorite
Brill. Red M5B 8050HH30 or 4044-544-512 W Br4-54-5353-4Useful product for all shades & depth.
Brill. Red M8B 5010HH303-444-53-44 W Br4-544-53-44-52Highly Productive, Useful component in trichromatic.
Magenta MB 20less than 5HH303-44-533-413344-544Highly Productive & Economical.
Turq. Blue MG 130less than 5HH40 or 6044-5442-3 W G2 W G43244Useful component for Greens & Blues.
Blue M2R 8040HH3033-44-54-5-------Economical Dye for Royal Blue shades.
Brill. Blue MR 8040LM40 or 606644-52 D3-44-53-4345Important trichromatic component.
Navy Blue M3R 7010HH603-4543-43 R13-4324-53To be use as main component for Blue shades.
Blue M4GD 160160HH40 or 303-44-54-551-23-45344-54Highly Productive & useful basis for Greens.
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