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Reactive Dyes

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Reactive dyes are a class of highly coloured organic substances, primarily used for tinting textiles that attach themselves to their substrates by a chemical reaction that forms a covalent bond between the molecule of dye and that of the fibre. The dyestuff thus becomes a part of the fibre and is much less likely to be removed by washing than are dyestuffs that adhere by adsorption.

General PropertiesFastness PropertiesNotes
g/l @ 30°C
SuitabilityDischargeabilityLightWashingChlorinated WaterPerspiration
Day LightI.S.O.4AlkalineAcidic
Straight30 pts/1000 common saltSubstanitivityExaustPad-Batch Silicate1/61/1EffectStainEffectStainEffectStainCI Number
Yellow FG 10060LLSSG454-5514555Dischargable Lemon Yellow dye.Yellow 42
Yellow GR 10080HSSG4-565515554-5Important trichromatic component.Yellow 15
Golden Yellow R 10080HSSG4-5544-5154-554-5Economical dye.-
Golden Yellow RNL 10080HSSG4-55442-34-54-54-54-5Good light fastness.-
Orange 2R 10080HSSG44-54-552-35555Economical basis for all bright Oranges.-
Orange 3R 8040HSLSG5-65-634-545555Useful basis for all shades.Orange 16
Red C-2G 10080LLSSG55-64-55154-554-5Red with high light fastness.-
Red 5B 8040LLSSG44-53515545Important trichromatic component.-
Red BS 100100HSSP3-4454-525555Highly exhaustive. Useful for bright Red colours.-
Red RB 8080HSSF4-554-54-52-354-554-5Technically superior Red to use as trichromatic component.Red 198
Violet 5R 10080HSSP66-752-34-54-554-55Only Violet dye.Violet 5
Turq. Blue G 8030HSSP5-66552-354-554-5For Bright Blues & Greens. Need higher dyeing temperature.-
Turq. Blue H2GP 8030HSSP5-66552-354-554-5For Bright Blues & Greens. Need higher dyeing temperature.-
Blue R-Special 10050HSSF5-664-54-544-5555For Bright Blue & Royal Blue. To consider salt solubility in dyeing.-
Brill. Blue BB 133% 10080HSSG6-774533-4545Dischargable Blue with good light fastness.-
Blue GG 8060HSSG65-64-5535555Suitable for all Green Shades.
Blue 3R 10080HSSG6-773-453-43-44-544-5Useful Blue for Pad - Silicate Method.Blue 28
Brown GR 100100HSLSG-54-54-534345Useful base for medium to dark shades by exhaust dyeing.-
Black B 100100HSSG-544-54 As Black5454Useful base for medium to dark shades by exhaust dyeing. Black 5
Black RL 10060HSSF774433-453-45Good light fastness in pestle shades. Useful for producing Gray shades.-
General PropertiesFastness PropertiesNotes
g/l @ 30°C
Dyeing PropertyLightWashingBleachingSoda BoilAlkaline Perspiration
Day LightI.S.O.4HypochloriteHydrogen Peroxide
Straight30 pts/1000 common saltSubstanitivityReactivityFixation Temp °C1/251/1EffectStainEffectStainEffectStainEffectStain
Yellow M8G 7050LM40564-5514-544-554-55Highly Productive useful dye for producing Greens.
Yellow M4G 4020MM40564-5513-4 RD54-554-54-5Good all round fastness. Need extended time in alkali for optimum yield.
Yellow MGR 30less than 5HM4055-6554-54-5554-554-5Highly productive. Good resis-tance to chlorine. Use urea in dye bath.
Yellow M3R 160120HH4056552-33-455444Useful Dye as good base for all shades.
Yellow M4R 8040MM40454-5513-45544R4Highly Productive and Econo-mical.
Golden Yellow MR 160130HH40564-552-34-5 R54-5 R4-54-54Economical base for all shades & depth.
Brill. Orange M2R 180160MM30344-554 R4-5 Br54-54 Y4-54Good resistance to washing in presence of hypochlorite
Brill. Red M5B 8050HH30 or 4044-544-512 W Br4-54-5353-4Useful product for all shades & depth.
Brill. Red M8B 5010HH303-444-53-44 W Br4-544-53-44-52Highly Productive, Useful component in trichromatic.
Magenta MB 20less than 5HH303-44-533-413344-544Highly Productive & Economical.
Turq. Blue MG 130less than 5HH40 or 6044-5442-3 W G2 W G43244Useful component for Greens & Blues.
Blue M2R 8040HH3033-44-54-5-------Economical Dye for Royal Blue shades.
Brill. Blue MR 8040LM40 or 606644-52 D3-44-53-4345Important trichromatic component.
Navy Blue M3R 7010HH603-4543-43 R13-4324-53To be use as main component for Blue shades.
Blue M4GD 160160HH40 or 303-44-54-551-23-45344-54Highly Productive & useful basis for Greens.
General PropertiesFastness PropertiesNotes
g/l @ 30°C
Dyeing PropertiesLightWashingBleachingSoda BoilAlkaline Perspiration
Day LightI.S.O.4HypochloriteHydrogen Peroxide
Straight30 pts/1000 common saltSubstanitivityReactivityFixation Temp °C1/251/1EffectStainEffectStainEffectStainEffectStain
Yellow P6G 5025LM8044-5553444-54-555Bright Lemon Yellow dye for Greens.
Yellow H4G 130100LM805-664-5514 R54-54-554-5Economical basis for Greens & Yellows.
Golden Yellow HR 11050MM805-665534-554 G555Important trichromatic component.
Brill Orange H2R 150100MM80344-554 W44-554-54-54Orange basis for all shades.
Orange P2R 150100MM80344-55444-554-54-54Orange basis for all shades.
Red PB 15080MM8033-444-53444444-5Important trichromatic component.
Red P2B 10080MM8044-54444444-54-54Useful as high saturation value dye.
Red H8B 8010HL8044-544-54-544-5344 B4Important trichromatic component.
Magenta HB 8040ML8044-5451354-54-54-53Highly Productive component.
Purple H3R 15080ML8046-75542-354-552-34Bright Purple shade. require prolong fixation time.
Blue HGR 9060LM805-66552 D555555Typical school Blue shade.
Blue 5RH 12030ML805644-5115444-54Important trichromatic component.
Navy Blue P2R 8060MM80454-54-534444-554-5Important componant for Navy Blue shades.
Supra Blue H3RP 8040LH80565523-445555Royal Blue & Sky Blue shades.
Brill. Turq. Blue H5G 12080HH904-55-643-43-4 G234R24-53Can be used for exhaust dyeing also.
Red Brown H4R 9030LM8044-54-54-54-554-53-434-53-4Highly Productive. Need strong fixation conditions.
Black HN 4040LM804-564-5543G54-54-54-53For gray & other light shades.
Black PGR 6040MM80-5-64-54-533444-554-5Useful for Black shade with all round fastness properties.
g/l @ 30°C
Dyeing PropertiesLightFastness to MercerisationWashingBleachingAlkaline PerspirationChlorinated WaterNotes
Day LightISO-105 X04I.S.O.4HypochloriteHydrogen Peroxide
StraightWith 30 gpl C-SaltSubstanitivity/ReactivityFixation Temp °C1/251/1EffectStainEffectStainEffectStainEffectStainEffectCI Number
Yellow HE6G 4545H/H803-44-54-54-54R512R54WR43Useful basis for the bright greenish Yellows & Greens.Yellow 135
Yellow HE4G 2520H/H8055-64-54-54-551-24-54-54-54-53-4Economical Yellow for Greens.Yellow 105
G-Yellow HER 7060H/H8055-64-54-5552-34-554-54-53Economical Golden Yellow component.Yellow 84
Yellow HE4R 7060H/H8055-654-5552-34-554-54-54Important trichromatic component.-
Orange HE2R 355H/H8033-44-54454-544-54Y43Gives good all round fastness & bright shades.Orange 84 A
Orange HER 355H/H8033-44-54454-544-54Y43Important trichromatic component.Orange 84
Brill. Red HE3B 8575H/H80454-54-5551444-555Good all round fastness.-
Red HE7B 150150H/H8034-53-44-54-54-534-54-554-54-5Important trichromatic component.Red 141
Red HE8B 160160H/H803-44-54-52-34-52-33-4 B14-54-554-53-4Economical dye for Reds & Maroons.Red 152
Blue HERD 8060H/H805-6654-55534-54-5443High light fastness in pale shades.Blue 160
Blue HEGN 7020H/H8055-63-43-4552-34-554-54-51-2For bright Blues & Greens.-
T-Blue HEG 7020H/H8055-633-4552-34-554-54-51-2For bright Blues & Greens.-
N-Blue HER 6060H/H803-443-44-54-54-51-2D44-544-53-4Economical trichromatic component.-
N-Blue HE2R 7060H/H80564-5342-32RD33453-4To be use for Navy Shades.-
Green HE4B 130100H/H803-44--4-541444B41For Economical Bottle Green Shades.Green 19-A
Green HE4BD 12060H/H803-444-54-54-541444B41Useful component for all shades.-
gms/lit at 30°C
Dyeing PropertiesApplication DyeingApplication PrintingFastness PropertiesNotes
Light AATCC 16E 20AFUISO 105-C03ISO 105-E03 20mg/lISO 105-E04
StraightWith 30 gpl C-SaltSubstanitivity/ReactivityOption dyg Temp °C% FixationExhaust DyeingSingle Bath CPBPad dry Chem. pad steamDischargebilityPrint by steamPrint dry steamStainEffectStainEffect (Acidic)Effect (Alkaline)CI Number
Yellow 5GL 10090H6070SSSPSS44-554-53-444Useful product for Yellows & Greens.-
G. Yellow MERL 10090H6075SSSPSS44-554-53-444Important trichromatic component.Yellow 145
Orange ME2RL 6010H6070SSSPSS3444333Highly Productive & Bright Orange.Orange 122
Red ME4BL 9070H6075SSSPSS3-444-54-53-44-54-5Important trichromatic component.Red 195
Red ME6BL 3010H6070SSSPNSNS34443-43-43-4Highly Productive.Red 250
Red HRBL 100100H6070SSSPNSNS33-44-553-43-43Highly exhaustive & Economical Red for medium & Dark shades.-
Blue BRC 150% 5025H6075SSNSGSNS44-54-54344Useful Blue for light shades.-
Blue BF 150150H6075SSSGSS344-55344Useful Blue for medium & dark shades. Suitable for Post Mercerisation.-
Blue 4GX 150150H6075SSSGSS2-334-55344Economical Blue for deep & extra deep shades.-
gpl at 30°C
Fastness to Mercerisation Xenon Lamp AATCC 16E 20AFUWashing Fastness ISO 105 C03Bleaching H2O2ISO 105 – E03 20 mg/lM&S C10AISO 105-E04
ISO 105-X04% Depth
StraightWith 30 gpl C-SaltChangeStain0.11.0ChangeStainChangeStainChangeEffect (Acidic)Effect (Alkaline)
YELLOW SF YELLOW SF2001354-54-53-4454-53-444444-5
G.YELLOW SF G.YELLOW SF2002004444-54-54-53-443-4455
ORANGE SF ORANGE SF100604-54344-544433-455
RED SF-2G RED SF-2G2001703-43-4344-54-5444444-5
RED SF RED SF2001703-43-4344-54-53-444444-5
RED SF-2BL RED SF-2BL2001702-32-33-4454-54-5444-554-5
RED SF-3R RED SF-3R2001703-43-4344-54-5444444-5
BLUE SF-NG BLUE SF-NG100802-32-344-54-54442-33-444
BLUE SF-NR BLUE SF-NR6040443-444-54-53-443444
BLUE SF-GR BLUE SF-GR70704-54-533-44-544433-444
Solubility (in gpl)Fastness to Mercerisation Fastness Properties
ISO 105-X04Washing Fastness ISO5 C03ISO 105 – X 12M&S C4M&S C10AISO 105-E04Light AATCC 16E 20AFU
StraightWith 30 gpl C-SaltChangeStainChangeStainDryWetEffect (Acidic)Effect (Alkaline)1%3%
YELLOW SD 2251455454-5545444-544
G.YELLOW SD 2001504454-554544444
ORANGE SD 125803-43-44-545453-44-543-44
ORANGE SD3R 10010043-454-5544-54-54433-4
SCARLET SD 15015043-454-5544-54-544-533-4
RED SDR 100803-42-35443444-54-533
RED SDN 1501503-4354434444-533-4
RED SD 1501004444544-54-54-54-53-43-4
RED SD3B 20010044-54-5454554-54-544
BLUE SD 20015043-44-54-554444-543-43-4
NAVY SD 150100444-54444-4-5433-4
General PropertiesFastness PropertiesNotes
SubstantivitySuitabilityWashing off PropertiesSolubility g/l at 30°CLight AATCC 16E 20AFUWashingChlorinated Water (20 ppm) ISO 105-E03Perspiration ISO 105-E04
ISO 105ISO C03
Exhaust 60°CCold Pad-Batch SilicatePad Dry - Pad Steam1%3%EffectStainEffectStainAlkalineAcidic
Yellow RR MediumSuitableSuitable-Good10033-45554-5355
Red RR MediumSuitableSuitable-Good10033-45554-52-354-5
Blue RR MediumSuitableSuitable-Good1002-33-45554-52-355
General PropertiesFastness PropertiesNotes
SubstantivitySuitabilityWashing off PropertiesSolubility g/l at 30°CLight AATCC 16E 20AFUWashingChlorinated Water (20 ppm) ISO 105-E03Perspiration ISO 105-E04
ISO 105ISO C03
Exhaust 60°CCold Pad-Batch SilicatePad Dry - Pad Steam1%3%EffectStainEffectStainAlkalineAcidic
Golden Yellow RGB MediumSuitableSuitableSuitableGood1004445552-355
Red RGB MediumSuitableSuitableSuitableGood100345544-5355
Blue RGB MediumSuitableSuitableSuitableGood10033-454-54-54-52-355
Navy Blue RGB MediumSuitableSuitableSuitableGood10033-44544-5255
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