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Tips for Writing a Study Paper in Economics

Tips for Writing a Study Paper in Economics

General tips

Presume that you choose to have no idea tips on how to produce a decent paper
Concepts of excellent creating: simplicity, clarity, unity
Very simple is better. Most learners think that they have got to decorate up a paper to look and feel extraordinary. The precise reverse is real: The fewer math made use of, the higher. The less complicated the estimation method, the greater.
Use energetic tense, not passive. Not: “it is assumed that ?=3, “data ended up manufactured as follows..”
As an alternative: “I assume that ?=3” and “I construct the information as follows” (of course, that you’re allowed to make use of the earliest particular person plural, whilst quite often one authors tend not to make this happen)
Current tense is normally most beneficial. You can easlily say “Fama and French 1993 look for that” regardless that 1993 was some time in the past. The identical goes for your personal private paper; describe what you get hold of in Desk five not anything you will find in Desk five. Most of all, although, maintain the tense dependable. Really do not begin a paragraph in previous tense and end it inside long run.
You should not use adjectives to describe your function: “striking results” “very significant” coefficients, At any time you have to use adjectives, do not use double adjectives. End results are not ever “very novel.”
Revise, revise, revise
Just how long will need to the paper be? Help it become so long as it ought to be: no more, no shorter
Don’t endeavor to fool your reader; your readers are refined academics and therefore are likely to determine via any this kind of strategies
Show the originality and significance within your contribution: display that whatever you did has not been completed prior to when and that your conclusions usually are not direct implications of regarded results
Tend not to make your paper way more very important than it is
Don’t generalize; it truly is tempting to broaden the scope within the paper when in actual fact it only addresses a narrow basic research question


Resist the temptation to obtain a well known or humorous or witty or clever sounding title
Resist the temptation to possess an exceptionally opaque or abstract or mathematical sounding title
Resist the temptation for making the title fairly short
Resist the temptation to help make the title exceptionally long
The title should probably purely explain what you’re doing
Ensure the title shall be recognized and it is recognizable to visitors who succeed in the field


Potential viewers look and feel at your summary for appetizers; they are going to resolve influenced by the summary whether they will learn the rest of the paper
Equivalent holds for seminar or conference attenders
Preserve the abstract small, about a hundred and fifty terms (however, the truth is one can find that many abstracts readily exceed this phrase rely)
Dare to omit! The summary can not present you with a detailed summary of your paper; always it should omit relevant details; be courageous!


Introductions and conclusions could in fact be probably the most frustrating sections of papers to write
Introduction draws the reader into your paper
The intro must address the large 5:

  1. What: Exactly condition the study dilemma(s) of your paper
  2. You may be calculated from your promise to answer that explore concern; do you honestly response it? does one solution a different dilemma?

  3. Why: Say why answering the research problem is interesting
  4. Justify the importance of your examine Perhaps you will be able to come back up which includes a exact investigate problem, but if the solution into the concern is not of great importance then no person will care about your paper.

  5. Spell out deficiencies in old work
  6. Be gentle and type with the analysis of other people’s show results Nobody will like it as soon as you are dismissive about other analysis

  7. Gap: Create the innovation/novelty, stage out a niche you are occupying
  8. Demonstrate what you’re performing much better and how are you executing it

  9. Summarize your final results up front

You or your supervisor could very well you can ask you to definitely produce a literature evaluate as well

The lit evaluate can be both a subsection in the introduction or it may be its possess freestanding area pursuing the intro

If you do craft a lit review, bear in mind this:

  • Do not just enumerate reports; supply authentic discussions
  • Take time and area to discuss papers which are closest in spirit
  • Make certainly you summarize these papers accurately
  • The authors of these papers are probably being your referees

Decide how general or broad your opening ought to be. Consider that even a “big picture” opening has to be evidently similar on your subject;

Try crafting your introduction very last. You may contemplate that you will need to be able to write your introduction number one, but that isn’t automatically accurate, and it is not normally the simplest strategy to craft a solid introduction.
The crafting method will be an important way for you to arrange your hints, believe that because of complex challenges, refine your thoughts, and develop a complicated argument.
Really do not be afraid to write down a tentative introduction first of all and after that modification it afterwards.
Open up having an interest grabber. Generally, particularly if the subject of your paper is relatively dry or complex, opening with an item catchy can help
Be simple and confident; think inside of your individual research and promote it that way (or or else I will not feel on your basic research)

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