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V S Dyes

General PropertiesFastness PropertiesNotes
g/l @ 30°C
SuitabilityDischargeabilityLightWashingChlorinated WaterPerspiration
Day LightI.S.O.4AlkalineAcidic
Straight30 pts/1000 common saltSubstanitivityExaustPad-Batch Silicate1/61/1EffectStainEffectStainEffectStainCI Number
Yellow FG 10060LLSSG454-5514555Dischargable Lemon Yellow dye.Yellow 42
Yellow GR 10080HSSG4-565515554-5Important trichromatic component.Yellow 15
Golden Yellow R 10080HSSG4-5544-5154-554-5Economical dye.-
Golden Yellow RNL 10080HSSG4-55442-34-54-54-54-5Good light fastness.-
Orange 2R 10080HSSG44-54-552-35555Economical basis for all bright Oranges.-
Orange 3R 8040HSLSG5-65-634-545555Useful basis for all shades.Orange 16
Red C-2G 10080LLSSG55-64-55154-554-5Red with high light fastness.-
Red 5B 8040LLSSG44-53515545Important trichromatic component.-
Red BS 100100HSSP3-4454-525555Highly exhaustive. Useful for bright Red colours.-
Red RB 8080HSSF4-554-54-52-354-554-5Technically superior Red to use as trichromatic component.Red 198
Violet 5R 10080HSSP66-752-34-54-554-55Only Violet dye.Violet 5
Turq. Blue G 8030HSSP5-66552-354-554-5For Bright Blues & Greens. Need higher dyeing temperature.-
Turq. Blue H2GP 8030HSSP5-66552-354-554-5For Bright Blues & Greens. Need higher dyeing temperature.-
Blue R-Special 10050HSSF5-664-54-544-5555For Bright Blue & Royal Blue. To consider salt solubility in dyeing.-
Brill. Blue BB 133% 10080HSSG6-774533-4545Dischargable Blue with good light fastness.-
Blue GG 8060HSSG65-64-5535555Suitable for all Green Shades.
Blue 3R 10080HSSG6-773-453-43-44-544-5Useful Blue for Pad - Silicate Method.Blue 28
Brown GR 100100HSLSG-54-54-534345Useful base for medium to dark shades by exhaust dyeing.-
Black B 100100HSSG-544-54 As Black5454Useful base for medium to dark shades by exhaust dyeing. Black 5
Black RL 10060HSSF774433-453-45Good light fastness in pestle shades. Useful for producing Gray shades.-
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